Industrial Overview

Terracon’s environmental compliance group provides services to a varied industrial client base, including utilities, metal fabricators, foundries, food processors, power plants, quarries, asphalt batch plants, grain elevators, and numerous manufacturers. Terracon provides industrial services ranging from indoor air quality testing and industrial hygiene assessment, to commercial roof consulting and environmental due diligence.


Air Services

  • Prepare Title V air operating permit applications
  • Determine construction permit applicability and prepare construction permits
  • Prepare annual air emission inventories
  • Determine BACT or MACT for air contaminant sources or emission units
  • Conduct air modeling
  • Conduct stack sampling
  • Develop risk management plans
  • Identify ozone depleting substances and audit compliance with regulations

Water Services

  • Prepare NPDES permit applications
  • Develop SWPP plans
  • Conduct SWPPP audits
  • Conduct training for SWPP plan and storm water sampling
  • Develop and certify SPCC plans
  • Design secondary containment structures
  • Conduct SPCC training

EPCRA Services

  • Prepare notification letters for SERC, LEPC, and local fire departments
  • Prepare annual Tier II forms
  • Develop procedures for reporting releases of Chemicals on CERCLA/EHS lists
  • Prepare annual Form R Reports for TRI reporting

RCRA Services

  • Sample and characterize hazardous waste
  • Develop waste profiles and land disposal restrictions
  • Corrective action
  • Prepare waste minimization plans and waste management plans
  • Determine compliance with UST regulations

Multi-Discipline Services

  • Develop integrated contingency plans for SPCC, RCRA, OSHA compliance
  • Provide HAZWOPER training
  • Conduct program-specific or comprehensive facility audits


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