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Prioritizing capital expenditures to extend your facility’s useful life.

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Manage Assets

The big picture

Your work isn’t done when your facility is built – and neither is Terracon’s. We take a strategic asset management approach to maximize your structure’s efficiency, value, and usable life. Our teams partner with facility owners and management companies nationwide to monitor and maintain a structure’s integrity, occupant health and safety, building enclosure and systems, and assets including pavements and site infrastructure. Working together, you get cost-effective, proactive solutions that preserve your structure and enhance your return on investment, leveraging the facility data we’ve collected along the way.

You can’t always predict every facility need – but most can be anticipated. Terracon stands ready respond immediately to spills and other hazardous events and help bring your facility back online safely and quickly following a natural or human-made disaster.

How we can help:

Our asset management services includes:

Building and Occupant Health

  • Building enclosure assessment, consulting, and testing
  • Industrial hygiene/indoor air quality
  • Hazardous materials plans and management
  • ADA compliance
  • Energy audits, benchmarking, and conservation measures
  • Building enclosure and structural repair, remediation, and replacement design
  • Structural evaluation and failure
  • Structural health monitoring
  • MEP re/retro commissioning

Unanticipated Issues

  • Rapid response – spills
  • Natural and manmade disaster response
  • Property transaction support
  • Repair/maintenance design and construction management
  • Cause and origin diagnostic investigations

Asset Management

  • Facility asset management programs
  • Pavement and roof evaluation/management
  • MEP studies
  • Immediate and long-term capital expenditures
  • UST management
  • Re/retro commissioning
  • Facility condition assessments
  • Repurposing evaluation
  • Ongoing regulatory compliance

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