• Get the Big Picture With Your Facility

    It's important for facility owners to see the entire perspective to when making decisions about their property. Learn about this, and read about our latest projects in our October Delivering Success newsletter. READ MORE

  • Helping Facilities Reopen (or Stay Open) Safely

    Whether your organization is reopening following COVID-19 shutdowns or never closed in the first place, it's never been more important to make sure your facilities are safe and healthy for occupants. From industrial hygiene to systems maintenance and building condition services, Terracon works with clients nationwide to enhance facility efficiency, performance, and safety. WATCH HERE

  • We Put Your Information on the Plan

    TARGETID is an unprecedented technological advantage in the industry, leveraging geospatial information to collect, communicate, and report materials testing results through a map-centric,
    highly visual and interactive interface, and all with real-time capabilities.


  • Keeping Critical Infrastructure Projects Moving Forward

    We have a wide range of environmental, geotechnical, and pavement-related services to safely help keep essential transportation and infrastructure projects on track.


  • Stage1 Site Selection

    Terracon’s innovative Stage1 service combines 50 years of project records with public and private data sources, unlocking the preliminary environmental and geotechnical data you need to streamline the site selection process.


  • Wind Tower Foundations: Reducing Costs from the Ground Down

    Wind power has come a long way from the classic windmills of the past. Today’s wind turbines generate vastly more energy – but are far more expensive to build and maintain. Learn how the next generation of wind turbine foundation solutions help owners manage design and construction costs, reduce repairs, and extend the life of the structure. 

  • Learn More About Our Safety Culture

    At Terracon, safety is a core value. Working safely is an uncompromising commitment at all levels of the company to ensure everyone goes home safe to their family each and every day.


  • Expedite Renewable Energy Siting with Pivvot

    Pivvot joined Terracon this spring, bringing industry-leading location intelligence solutions to enhance project delivery. Learn how we're taking data to the next level for our clients. LEARN MORE


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Engineering Services

From the ground up, Terracon provides practical solutions to environmental, facilities, geotechnical, and materials engineering challenges.
  • Negotiating the complexities of environmental issues can be challenging and time consuming. Terracon relies upon demonstrated environmental consulting experience and knowledge of local conditions and regulations to deliver solutions that are timely, practical, and make good business sense. Explore

  • Our building facilities engineering group serves as your valued partner in identifying, quantifying, prioritizing, and solving system performance deficiencies and the associated risks and liabilities to your building operations. Explore

  • When you hire a geotechnical engineer, you look for someone who can drill soil borings, run laboratory tests, and deliver a report within a reasonable time frame. You expect field and laboratory data delivered along with the engineer’s site preparation and foundation design opinions. We do that and so much more. Explore

  • To verify today's buildings and infrastructure perform adequately, proper selection, quality, and workmanship of materials are vital. Construction materials inspections with state-of-the-art testing laboratories, enable us to respond with innovative solutions and alternatives that target your long-term performance objectives. Explore


Terracon focuses on understanding and meeting the needs of clients from a variety of industries. We do this by monitoring trends, participating in professional and trade organizations, and hiring key staff with select engineering and science industry experience. Our knowledge of specific industry issues and trends increase the value of our services to clients.


At Terracon, people of diverse talents come together to deliver success. As an employee, you are recognized as both an individual and as a member of our 100 percent employee-owned firm.