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Safety is the foundation on which our business and culture is built. Our An Incident and Injury-Free® (IIF® ) commitment challenges each of our employee-owners to make a personal commitment to care and concern and to dedicate ourselves to ensuring every employee goes home safe, every day

We are committed to continuous improvement.

Our continuing safety journey is also supported by strong information technology tools, which help us monitor and measure activity in order to make the right decisions to help our employee-owners work safety.

Our technicians, inspectors, exploration team members, and other frontline employees have been the heroes of our safety journey throughout the pandemic. They quickly and courageously adopted COVID-19 protocols and kept getting the job done for our clients, truly living our IIF culture.

We are best in class.

From 2016 to 2020, our company Total Recordable Injury Rate (TRIR) was below 0.50 – a significant accomplishment. We work closely with our employees to instill and maintain a safety mindset, as a company, and track key indicators to measure our outcomes.

“For everyone to go home safely every day, we must maintain an attitude that ‘We are our brother’s keeper’ and take responsibility of our own safety as well as everyone around us.”

Michael O’Grady, P.E., Executive Vice President, Chief Safety Officer

Living and Working Safely

An Incident and Injury-Free® (IIF® Workplace at Terracon

Terracon is concerned with workplace safety and has worked hard to put in place effective Safety policies and procedures.

While there is certainly a business case for improving safety, such as gaining our client’s confidence that we will follow strict safety practices while on their projects, as well as an improved Experience Modification Ratio (EMR), at its core, safety is a people issue. We are not satisfied with incremental improvement in workplace safety and will do whatever it takes to achieve and sustain outstanding performance. Terracon has been on a journey to fundamentally alter how we think about safety and how it is woven into the culture of our firm. This initiative will help us create a truly Incident and Injury-Free® (IIF® ) culture at Terracon.

Safety Initiatives

To better serve our clients and keep our employees safe, Terracon has implemented multiple safety initiatives and programs including:

  • Safety coaching for all employee owners
  • Safety spot bonuses for employee owners
  • Near miss app and library available to all employees
  • Local safety coordinator at all Terracon office locations
  • On-staff radiation safety officers
  • Development of tools to make work safer including: TerraCart, PinPuller
  • Driver training, SmithKeys system, required for all employees
  • Personalized Protective Equipment Program
  • Field PPE kits are provided to all employees
  • Ongoing safety training
  • Medical Surveillance Program to provide protection to employees exposed to hazardous materials on the job
  • Client and job specific safety and health plans

Rules to Live By

As part of our safety commitment, our IIF Leadership Team revised our core safety rules and practices to reduce redundancy, add clarity, and define pre-task planning and 360-degree vehicle walk-arounds.

“Terracon employees take the mission of safety personally and incorporate it into everything they do,” said Jim Wright, Terracon director of safety and health. “Our data shows that Terracon team members are proactively seeking out opportunities to identify and correct safety concerns, with successful results.”

Click here to view our Core Rules and Practices


For more information on our safety culture, please contact:

Jim Wright, Director, Safety and Health
(913) 202 7525

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