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Where is your next site?

Streamline siting, routing, and usable area analysis

Terracon’s recent acquisition, Pivvot, streamlines energy site origination and analysis with location intelligence. We provide parcel, environmental, land and hundreds of additional data to identify and evaluate optimal sites for your next project. We help you answer the question: where?

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What do our experts already know about your site?

Make faster, more informed, site selection decisions

Terracon ‘s Stage1 combines more than 55 years of Terracon’s historical site data, 760+ environmental and geotechnical publicly available data sources, and the local experience from more than 450 geotechnical professionals located in more than 175 locations nationwide. With Stage1 we deliver expected geotechnical and environmental site conditions and constructability concerns, an overview of potentially significant issues, and, for your next steps, a Smart Work Plan to proceed.

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