FreeportGeolocation: 28.9555, -95.3708

Terracon's Freeport, Texas office opened in December 2013, and has experienced senior professionals available for providing geotechnical assessments, environmental consulting and construction materials engineering throughout the State of Texas. Terracon's environmental consulting services in the State of Texas include a team of professionals with significant experience in comprehensive site investigations, design and remediation of soil and groundwater, asbestos management, lead-based paint and mold investigations, risk assessment of soil gas and vapor intrusion, industrial compliance, and natural resources including wetlands mitigation. The geotechnical department has extensive experience in the design and construction of cost-effective structures with a thorough understanding of local soil and groundwater conditions throughout Texas. The Freeport office provides construction materials engineering and testing services including field and laboratory testing and analysis, construction quality control and quality assurance, and design and review capabilities. Terracon’s Freeport, Texas office is also AASHTO R18 accredited in soils.  For further accreditations details, please visit AMRL’s website.  

1740 W. 4th St., Suite 101
Freeport, TX 77541

Phone: (979) 202 1113
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Jason Mills, Office Manager
Sherry Srigley, Customer Service Representative

Key Projects

DOW-Lake Jackson Office Phase 1 and IIGeolocation: 29.0371, -95.4528
In order to develop this critical facilities project, DOW Chemical was focused on building a project team that included a strong local presence, previous experience in coordinating with the project developer, and meeting high project standards. Terracon was chosen to provide materials engineering and testing for both phases of DOW Chemical’s expansion in Lake Jackson, Texas.   Phase I of the project included a four-story office building with a footprint of 57,000 square feet. Phase II included two-four-story laboratories with a footprint of 65,000 square feet. Phase II also…

Freeport LNG TankGeolocation: 31.9686, -99.9018
The world-class liquid natural gas (LNG) receiving and regasification terminal features include vacuum-insulated LNG transfer lines; an environmentally friendly VE air tower, a salt-dome cavern gas facility, integration with terminal operations, and a boil-off gas re-liquefaction system. Materials testing services for the construction of the LNG Tank were provided by Terracon, and included cast-in-place concrete for the base slab, walls, roof and interior slabs. As a local collaborator on the project, Terracon provided five technicians that worked to meet the client’s cost and scheduling…

Tenaris UtilitiesGeolocation: 28.7388, -96.2103
In need of a responsive local partner, Tenaris Utilities chose Terracon to provide materials testing services for the construction of site utilities, pipe racks, two-pits, and miscellaneous pre-fabricated metal buildings located on Highway 35 in Bay City, Texas. Our team of certified technicians provided earthwork observations and testing of the building pad subgrade, fill and backfill materials for Atterberg Limits. Technicians provided foundation observations and testing and observed the installation of shallow footings. Our team…

Velasco Terminal Berth 8 Dock and LeveeGeolocation: 28.9685, -95.3694
As part of the expansion of the terminal, Terracon provided ongoing coordination with multiple project stakeholders on behalf of the Valesco Drainage District including extensive coordination with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). Geotechnical engineering services and testing re-evaluation and reconstruction were critical to the initial and ongoing success of the construction of two 800-foot dock structures as part of Velasco Terminal Berth 8 located north of the existing Velasco Terminal Birth 7 dock at Port Freeport. An open wharf design was selected for the dock structures. For…