The foundation for any successful project starts with the ground upon which it’s built. As one of the nation’s leading providers of geotechnical services, it’s our business to explore below the surface. We’re an industry leader because our resources are unmatched. Our clients have access to one of the nation’s largest owned and operated fleet of geotechnical exploration equipment, a network of more than 140 laboratories, including the largest network of accredited and validated accredited laboratories of any geotechnical firm in the country, and more than 175 locations serving all 50 states. If your project involves a remote location or a large portfolio of sites, we can meet the challenge. Every day, clients rely on our ability to gather and analyze data in a timely manner.

Our geotechnical solutions also include new innovations like Stage1, which harnesses our decades of proprietary data to allow our clients to compare anticipated subsurface conditions and simultaneously compare multiple project sites in advance of field explorations. We’ve also partnered with Pivvot, which streamlines energy projects and pipeline routing with breakthrough location intelligence software and data analytics.

This is just the beginning. Our wide range of geotechnical services also include geophysics, instrumentation, construction monitoring – a versatile toolbox that can adapt to meet your needs. While construction methods and timelines may be changing, the need for accurate geotechnical data and responsive, adaptive consulting and is ongoing. We’re excited to partner with you to contribute to your successful project!



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