Geotechnical Consulting Philosophy

When you hire a geotechnical engineer, you look for someone who can drill soil borings, run laboratory tests and deliver a report within a reasonable time frame. You expect field and laboratory data delivered along with the engineer’s site preparation and foundation design opinions.

We do that. In fact, we have done that for more than 50 years.  But we do so much more than that.

For starters, we do our research on your site. We retrieve local data from our vast database of historical information using our proprietary Geographic Information Systems (GIS) platform. We combine that history with the best public domain information available. Then, we develop an opinion of the expected subsurface conditions before we even take our first soil sample.

Using our opinion of expected conditions, we design an intelligent work plan to explore the site. Using our arsenal of conventional drilling/sampling, in-situ testing and nonintrusive, geophysical exploration tools strategically placed across the country, we execute the intelligent work plan using safe, current and effective tools and procedures.

Our methods include conventional drilling and sampling, in-situ testing and non-intrusive testing, and geophysical exploration tools that are available through our nationwide network of offices. We execute the intelligent work plan using safe, current, and effective tools and procedures.

And what professional, geotechnical engineering firm would not have an excellent laboratory? Terracon has more than 100 of them. We maintain required state and federal program accreditations and validations. But we don’t stop there. We utilize an internal quality program that confirms that we meet our standards for safety and efficiency as well as quality, lowering your costs to get the data you need.

Our geotechnical engineers analyze the information, develop site preparation options, foundations, and pavements, and consult with you and your entire design team to create excellent designs faster than ever. Understanding that collaboration builds consensus and time is money, we achieve collaboration by delivering data to the entire design team as soon as we collect it using GeoReport®, Terracon’s web-based delivery system.

As your project moves to construction, our work is not over. Our materials professionals partner with our geotechnical engineers to further confirm our subsurface understanding, perform testing necessary to document quality, and address encountered variations.

That’s our philosophy. “We do that,” and so much more.



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