Materials testing and observations are integral to constructing safe, durable structures that meet performance and quality standards. Our national footprint of more than 175 locations and 140 laboratories gives you responsive, reliable service wherever and whenever you need it. If your project runs around the clock, so do we, with onsite resources and mobile materials testing labs any time, anywhere you need us. We understand the importance of on-time project delivery and are committed to meeting and exploring practical solutions for any project challenge. At Terracon, our construction materials professionals achieve these goals for our clients by working as a true partner. Our professionals are fully engaged in the construction process, proactively identifying issues and confirming results with reliable materials testing, to build quality into the final structure. 

Our on-site monitoring and testing is complemented by a national network of accredited materials testing laboratories and specialized capabilities, as well as providing you with access to subject matter experts. We provide clients with a wide range of specialty tests and capabilities, including non-destructive testing, materials engineering, structural diagnostics, mix designs, petrographic examination, construction QA/QC, and underwater inspections.  

Terracon continuously applies new cost-effective processes, methodologies, and techniques to solve project challenges, especially timely delivery of high-quality field data that enables you to make quick, informed decisions much sooner than ever before. Our proprietary data management systems, such as TARGETID, generate real-time results of critical information, using data captured in the field via mobile applications, to keep you informed while simultaneously moving your project forward. 

Our approach combines innovative technology with traditional testing methods to put data-driven-decision making at your fingertips. Through a combination of Terracon tools powered by mobile field data collection applications, we make it easy for our clients to access project data, documents, and reports in one location through a collaborative online experience. These tools allow any Terracon user to visually place field observations and tests right where they belong on  their plan, in real-time, entering data throughout the day through mobile devices. Our innovative tools form a system that gives our clients a huge technological advantage in project communication and collaboration through visual, map-based data review and analysis that helps them find what they need to know quickly and accurately.

Our materials and laboratory professionals provide materials services to tens of thousands of projects using our Seamless Constructed Delivery approach every day. As transportation, logistics, and other infrastructure needs increase, we are ready to meet you where you need us to maximize quality, efficiency, and return on investment. 




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