Wind Power Generation Newsletter

August 15, 2022

GripTerra wind foundation

Innovative wind foundations for the future of your renewable energy projects

Wind power structures should be as efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective as the renewable energy they produce. Our GripTerra wind foundation systems are designed to provide stability and durability for the larger, more powerful turbines of the future, while reducing materials cost, construction time, and carbon footprint today. Learn more.

Bog turtles

Natural Resources Expertise Helps Protect Wildlife, Minimize Project Impacts

Environmental planning for your power generation or transmission project can be complex, especially if protected species are involved. Terracon’s environmental scientists and wildlife preservation experts partner with you to navigate the process to meet regulatory requirements and minimize or mitigate impacts to species and habitats. Learn more.

Lab services

Laboratories Nationwide  Verify Safe, Quality Construction Materials

Timely laboratory testing is critical to safe, quality project delivery. Terracon’s network of more than 140 materials and geotechnical laboratories — the largest in the country — gives you the technical expertise, accurate data, and rapid results you need to keep projects moving. We also have the accreditations and validations many project specifications require. Learn more.


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