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Supporting wind projects from early development to post-construction

Our teams help clients optimize wind energy project design and minimize risk, saving time and money. In the past five years, Terracon has supported more than 600 wind projects across 38 states.


Using public and proprietary data, and the experience of local scientists and engineers, we can create a report of anticipated conditions. This Stage1 report helps our team develop smart exploration and survey plans, focused on areas of concern, and develop the insights needed to make educated decisions in the early stages of project development, maximizing the allocation of development capital.

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Our GripTerra family of wind turbine foundations are designed specifically to address today’s 3 to 6 MW land-based turbines, utilizing earth-friendly designs which reduce both materials and construction time, offer re-powering and design life extension solutions, and reduce the overall carbon footprint of your next project.


Our materials testing and inspection technicians utilize TARGETID, an unprecedented, technological advantage in the industry, which leverages geospatial information to collect, communicate, and report materials testing results through a map-centric, highly visual and interactive interface. Our team helps clients and project stakeholders quickly and easily identify, assess, and address any deviations to keep the project on schedule.

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Once accelerometer data is obtained and converted, we can identify the natural frequency and back calculate the rotational stiffness and overturning moment of the foundation system. The methodology, developed by Terracon, is faster, less expensive, and more accurate, can be used to evaluate wind turbine system performance for the purposes of re-powering, design life extension, and performance monitoring.

Why GripTerra?


Terracon applies new processes, methodologies, and techniques to solve project challenges cost effectively. Our innovative tools and resources enable us to customize an approach to efficiently mitigate and prevent risks.


Through our national network of offices, accredited laboratories, and exploration fleet, Terracon can act quickly to develop a customized approach to provide you the most cost- effective program to develop the right data for you.


We deliver high-quality, expert soil and rock characterization using diverse exploration methods and software. This ensures the accurate and precise results you need to successfully mitigate risks

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More than 1,800 wind projects in the last four years

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