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Traditional methods of reporting and accessing materials inspection, testing, and results are no longer sufficient for today’s large-scale construction projects. With hundreds, even thousands of reports generated on a single project, our clients need a solution to quickly find and view specific data to make timely, informed decisions.

Terracon has the answer: TARGETID is an unprecedented technological advantage in the industry, leveraging geospatial information to collect, communicate, and report materials testing results through a map-centric,
highly visual and interactive interface, and all with real-time capabilities.

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Seamless constructed Delivery

Through TARGETID’s dashboards, clients and project stakeholders can quickly and easily identify, assess, and address any deviations to keep the project on schedule.

Save time

  • Instantly find data you need in a highly intuitive way.
  • Tests and observations are accurately placed because the inspectors can see on the plan they are in the right place – no more backtracking or re-testing due to incorrect or unclear locations.

Get peace of mind

  • Whether remote or in the field, keep track of any materials testing or inspection related deviations so they can be quickly resolved to avoid delays.

Save money

  • See on an interactive map whether work has been accepted before performing additional work or ordering materials.
  • Efficiently communicating test results among stakeholders to keep projects moving faster than ever before.

Protect your investment

  • Accurate data and visuals are captured as part of a permanent, digital record that can help with asset management (an as-built plan like never before).


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