Transforming the way you experience geotechnical engineering

Terracon is transforming the way you think about geotechnical conditions during site-selection and due diligence. Stage1, issued through our collaborative web-based platform, allows you to access site-specific data earlier than ever before.

Bringing Resources Together

The industry-changing Stage1 combines Terracon’s extensive subsurface data, collected over the past 50+ years, with public domain information. Our local, experienced geotechnical engineer uses their understanding of the area, in combination with predictive analysis and Terracon’s historical data, to provide you with an opinion of:

  • expected subsurface site-conditions
  • design and construction considerations
  • a plan to confirm expectations

This unique subsurface characterization process streamlines site selection, aids in preliminary design, and provides a strategic field exploration plan. You receive a conceptual geotechnical model of your project’s subsurface conditions, ultimately saving you time and money, before geotechnical field exploration takes place.

Benefits of Stage1:


In an unprecedented way. A two hour turn-around for initial data, and three days for the delivery of your Stage1. No proposal necessary. Select your sites and access the finished reports from our online platform


Subsurface data at a lower cost than you ever thought possible. Sites under 100 acres are only $950, with incremental price increases for larger projects.


Stage1 is dynamic. Small sites, large sites, and linear projects are easily processed through our dedicated team of Stage1 professionals.

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For more information on Stage1, please contact:

Michael Frawley, P.E.
(919) 436 2987

Jessica Turner
(719) 572 7698


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