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We are here to help you. Our teams deliver experience and professionalism that can save you time and money, while meeting your unique project needs. With professionals experienced in environmental, geotechnical, and materials consulting services across all facets of the oil and gas industry, we are in every part of the process – upstream, downstream, and in between. Our project experience includes exploration and production, transmission, processing and storage, and downstream refining and distribution. From the environmental compliance of a single production location or processing facility, to engineering design and construction inspection of a new world-class refinery, we understand the evolving and emerging business issues affecting the operators of oil and gas industry assets.


Upstream Services


Your upstream oil and gas projects continue to increase in scale and complexity. You need a trusted partner to help navigate each project’s unique challenge. Our professionals are dedicated to developing the best solutions with a focus on safety. We have provided engineering services on thousands of projects throughout all of the major U.S. oil and gas basins. With a nationwide network of offices, we can initiate services easily and quickly. As a result, we have become the preferred environmental, geotechnical, and materials engineering consultant for a diverse group suppliers. Your projects benefit from our experience in developing innovative and time-sensitive solutions, and our ability to meet tight schedules and budgets.

The following specialty services are routinely performed by our upstream team:

  • Environmental
    • Produced water impacted soil remediation
    • Crude oil and refined products spill response and incident management
    • Waters of the U.S. delineation
    • Natural/cultural resource management/threatened and endangered species assessments PDF
    • Regulatory compliance (Spill Prevention Control Containment (SPCC), Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP), Air Quality, Greenhouse Gas (GHG) ) PDF
    • Project mergers and acquisitions (M&A) support
    • OSHA and MSHA compliance evaluations and auditing
    • Due diligence services PDF
  • Geotechnical
    • GIS and GPS mapping services
    • Compressor and pump foundation design
    • Geotechnical studies for well pad locations
  • Materials
    • Field inspection and testing of construction materials
    • Structural steel inspection and nondestructive testing

Midstream Services


The requirements of design and building long, multi-state linear projects can be complex. We are your trusted partner, frequently collaborating with integrated teams of midstream, exploration and production, engineering firms, program managers, and contractors. We work to create efficiencies for large-scale projects and deliver projects on time and on budget. Our project experience includes the spectrum of services necessary for the site, permitting, design, construction, and operational phases of pipeline transmission and product storage. Our experienced scientists and engineers are here to help navigate the requirements of local regulatory, geologic, and environmental regulations.
Our midstream team provides hundreds of pipeline and infrastructure services in the past two years including:

  • Environmental
    • Secondary spill response and remediation
    • Asbestos surveys and abatement management
    • Water and wastewater management
    • Industrial hygiene and safety support
    • Facility response plan preparation/SPCC
    • GHG reporting and air quality support
  • Geotechnical
    • Site exploration and investigation
    • Geohazard assessment and mitigation PDF
    • Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) design and High Flux Isotope Reaction (HFIR) analyses
    • Compressor/pump foundation design
    • Dynamic soil response and testing
    • Tank foundation design and ground improvement
    • Engineering geophysics and top of rock studies
  • Materials
    • Field inspection and testing of construction materials
    • Diagnostic investigation and evaluation of in-place construction materials
    • Laboratory testing services

Downstream Services


Working in a large refinery or liquid natural gas (LNG) export facility requires extensive experience and a focus on safety not required on most green field sites. You can rely on our experienced professionals to utilize best-in-class safety management system to provide critical engineering and environmental consulting. We have provided detailed geotechnical engineering studies, on-site materials laboratory testing services, and critical soil and groundwater monitoring programs at hundreds of sites across the country. Our work includes yearly maintenance programs, plant expansions, and development of new world class facilities.

Our downstream services include:

  • Environmental
    • Industrial hygiene PDF
    • Spill prevention control and countermeasures
    • Asbestos survey and abatement
    • Soil and groundwater corrective action and remediation PDF
    • Wastewater permitting and treatment design
    • Stormwater permitting
    • Hazardous materials and waste management planning
  • Geotechnical
    • Geotechnical studies for new structures and expansions
    • Crane lift studies for heavy lifts
    • Geophysical studies for buried infrastructure
    • Compressor/pump foundation design
  • Materials
    • Field inspection and testing of construction materials
    • On-site fulltime inspection and mobile lab facilities
    • Inspection and monitoring of pile/pier foundation installation
    • Pile/pier load testing


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