Project Lifecycle Newsletter

October 04, 2022

Project lifecycle

Partnership at Every Step of Your Project Journey

When you start a project, you begin a journey, investing time, resources, and energy along the way. Make sure you have a partner who knows the way, eliminates obstacles, and brings ideas and time-tested insights to get you to your destination quickly and safely. Wherever you are in the lifecycle of your project, we meet you where you are and go with you every step of the way. Learn more.

Bog turtles

Site Selection: Helping You Start Your Project on the Path to Success

When choosing a project site, knowing what to expect can save you time and money. We help you quickly understand expected geotechnical and environmental conditions and how to manage them. For example: Our environmental scientists partner with you to research site conditions and investigate the presence of endangered species. Learn more.

Mill District project in Columbus, Georgia

Design/Mitigate: Removing Obstacles, Optimizing for Construction

After you select a site, we help you remove any obstacles to quickly advance to construction. In the case of previously developed sites, our Brownfields team helps you secure funding to remediate environmental hazards and prepare for positive redevelopment — like the historic Mill District in Columbus, Georgia. Read the story and watch the video.

Lab services

Construction: Driving Schedule, Quality with Timely Data Reporting and Analysis

To help you make quick, effective decisions during construction, we continually innovate how we collect, analyze, and report your materials data. Terracon’s network of more than 140 materials and geotechnical laboratories — the country’s largest — gives you the technical expertise, accurate data, and rapid results you need to keep projects moving. Learn more.

Asset Management: Extending Your Facility’s Long-Term Value, Efficiency

You’ve put a lot into your project — make sure you get the most out of it. Our experts help you maximize your facility’s value, efficiency, and useful life through proactive planning, compliance, and monitoring. Case in point: We’re helping multifamily facility developers and owners make informed decisions at every stage of a building’s lifecycle. Learn more.


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