A Trusted Partner for Every Phase of the Project Journey

September 27, 2022

Projects are like fingerprints; the combination of location, timing, elements, budgets, risk tolerance, and other factors makes each one unique. The needs of today, next month, next year, and the next five years can vary greatly depending on those same factors. Terracon has evolved with the times, developing innovative new services and combining them with traditional methods so we can be a partner on your project journey now and into the future.

We’ve broken down the project journey into four phases – Site Selection, Design and Mitigate, Construction, and Manage Assets – to help meet clients where they are now and set a plan for the future. The ability to see the trees and the forest allows us to meet client needs with flexibility and efficiency. Here’s a glance at each phase of the project journey:

Site Selection

Better data faster is the key to site selection. We use innovative, technology-based solutions to give our clients the information they need to make informed decisions. Stage1 delivers a report of preliminary expected subsurface and environmental conditions on virtually any project site in the country, allowing our clients to make an apples-to-apples comparison before choosing a site. Pivvot’s linear siting solutions helps our clients make the best choice for large, complicated projects like pipelines and transmission lines.

Founded more than 55 years ago as a geotechnical firm, we’ve stayed true to our roots as we’ve grown. The nation’s largest fleet of drill rigs means our clients get the soils and other geotechnical data needed to keep projects on schedule.

Design and Mitigate

If and when an environmental or geotechnical challenge is identified they can quickly inflate timelines and budgets without proper planning. We have some of the most trusted consultants in both fields of expertise. Our clients have access to our nationwide network of certified industrial hygienists; and we were once again ranked No. 1 in asbestos and lead abatement for the ninth consecutive year according to Engineering News-Record’s 2022 rankings.


Materials testing, inspection, and data management are essential once ground has broken. Our nationwide network of more than 140 laboratories makes sure quality assurance, quality control, and special inspection services are nearby, so timelines aren’t slowed by waiting on results. Large projects like power plants, logistics sites, and stadiums can produce reams of testing data. TARGETID, our innovative, GIS-based solution puts testing data on the map, bringing an end to the days of searching through endless spreadsheets for a specific result.

Local, state, and federal building codes must also be considered during construction. Leaky windows and roofs can quickly inflate a budget. So can non-compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Our facilities experts can help you address these issues before they become challenges to help construction finish on-time.

Manage Assets

Efficiency is at the heart of a high return on investment in facilities of all ages. This includes the parking lots around facilities. We can provide clients a pavement management plan that regulates maintenance costs and keeps parking lots in safe working order without the need for large, unexpected repairs. That same planning is beneficial for HVAC and other important systems within facilities, so that maintenance, repairs, and replacement can be worked into the budget.

The best people, the right resources, innovative tools, proper planning,  and a trusted partner are essential elements to a great journey. Regardless of where your project is or where it’s headed, Terracon is ready to work with you at every step.

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