Pavement Technology Solutions

Take control of your pavement assets.

Reduce costs and maximize your investment.

Pavement repairs can exhaust maintenance and capital budgets and drain resources. This is why we leveraged AI technology to create pavement management solutions that allow us to dramatically improve our understanding of pavement conditions. We can more efficiently plan for maintenance and rehabilitation strategies to proactively meet your short- and long-term goals.

Timely, accurate, and sufficient data is integral to our pavement solutions. Terracon utilizes digital data collection and artificial intelligence (AI) to create a customized data-driven pavement management strategy that helps you optimize your budgets and mitigate future risk.

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Digital Data Collection and AI Drives Safety
and Efficiency

Safer data collection

  • Videos captured on vehicle-mounted cameras
  • Reduces or eliminates technician exposure to traffic

Comprehensive documentation of pavement performance

  • AI applications convert mosaic imagery to Pavement Condition Indexes providing a much larger sample size, ensuring repeatability and removing human bias
  • Mosaic imagery provides visual documentation of AI applications, better representing pavement performance to assist in decision making and to contrast with subsequent evaluations
  • Automated stress detection informs the type, severity, and extent of issues affecting pavement

Proactive planning strategies

  • Summary reports, maintenance, and rehabilitation options help determine the best course of action for pavement assets
  • Optimize maintenance budgets with a pavement plan designed for short- and long-term success

Don’t let pavement planning
fall through the cracks!

Terracon’s innovative technology can help you reduce costs and increase the performance of your pavement assets.


Andrea Blanchette, P.E.
Pavement Group Manager
(763) 489-3127


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