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Since 1981, Terracon has provided geotechnical, environmental, materials, and facilities testing services to all of Northeastern Oklahoma and Northwestern Arkansas. Throughout the years we have been heavily involved in landmark projects including the BOK Center development, the Boone Pickens Stadium renovation, and multiple university expansions throughout Green Country including Oklahoma State, Oral Roberts, and Tulsa Community College. As we look toward the future, we continue to assist our ever-changing community in future projects such as the monumental Tulsa Gathering Place as well as major infrastructure upgrades throughout the region. Abiding by Terracon’s core principles of responsiveness, resourcefulness, and reliability, we strive to exceed the expectations of our clientele and community.

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Mike Homan, P.E., Office Manager
David Cobb, Client Development Manager

Key Projects

 Terracon provided geotechnical and materials testing and consulting services on the project to widen I-44 in Oklahoma.
I-44 and Lewis Bridge ConstructionGeolocation: 36.0897, 95.9846
The stretch of I-44 between Riverside Drive and Yale Avenue in Tulsa is one of the oldest sections of interstate in Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Department of Transportation widened this area from four lanes to six, and upgraded the intersections at Riverside Drive, Peoria Avenue, Lewis Avenue and Harvard Avenue. Partnering with ODOT, Terracon provided the geotechnical and materials services on the bridge and roadway at I-44 and Lewis. Since its completion, the $400 million overhaul has greatly improved the traffic flow and safety for this corridor.

Saint Francis Trauma Emergency Center Tower ExpansionGeolocation: 36.0753, 95.9223
In 2011, St. Francis of Tulsa underwent one of the largest expansions in the organization’s history. Estimated at $200 million, the facility expansion added 150 patient rooms to the hospital, a new trauma emergency center and a new pediatric emergency center. These developments doubled the emergency room size and will help shorten the ER wait time. The project also included the construction of a new chapel, two helicopter pads and a 700-space parking garage. The geotechnical and materials services for this project were provided by Terracon.

The BOK CenterGeolocation: 36.154, -95.9928
The BOK Center is a $180-million, 18,500-seat entertainment venue that opened in the fall of 2008. The BOK Center was designed by Cesar Pelli, a noted architect known for designing some of the world's tallest buildings and other major urban landmarks. The client selected Terracon because it knew that we had a sufficient amount of qualified technicians locally to assure proper monitoring and testing during peak construction periods. It also knew that structural steel fabrication would be occurring in several fabrication shops across the country and that Terracon would be able to mobilize…

Tulsa Gathering PlaceGeolocation: 36.1188, 95.985
Funded by the George Kaiser Family Foundation and a range of Tulsa businesses, the Gathering Place, located at 26th and Riverside, will offer a state-of-the-art recreational and cultural park experience for the Tulsa community. Reflecting the culture and spirit of Tulsa, the park will offer a wide variety of features including an adventure playground, a lodge, a pond, a boathouse, a skate park, athletic courts, several gardens and two grand lawns overlooking the Arkansas River. Terracon was responsible for conducting the geotechnical and materials services of both Phase 1 and 2 of the…