Grand ForksGeolocation: 47.9351, -97.0883

Established in 1975, Midwest Testing Laboratory (Midwest Testing) has provided geotechnical engineering and construction materials engineering and testing services on a wide variety of projects in the upper Midwest, including North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Montana. Midwest Testing was acquired by Terracon in 2010 to enhance our services in North Dakota and surrounding states. Midwest Testing specializes in projects such as flood control, bridges and overpasses, high-rise and large commercial buildings, retail and residential developments, roads and runways and slope stability. Midwest Testing offers geotechnical engineering services, specifically drilling, sampling, installations and laboratory services. Midwest Testing also offers construction materials testing services including concrete engineering, hot mix asphalt, roofing and soils testing.

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Joel Dilley, Office Manager

Key Projects

Air Traffic Control Tower/RapconGeolocation: 47.9622, -97.3839
The ATCT functions as both a flight operations facility as well as a training facility with a tower simulator in the cab. The Radar Approach Control (RAPCON) functions include IFR operations and training. The 136 foot tower is supported on a deep pile foundation with the "shaft" constructed of precast insulated wall panels. The two-story building is supported on a shallow, cast-in-place concrete foundation with structural exterior framing. The Terracon team performed geotechnical evaluation and construction materials testing throughout the duration of the project.

North Dakota National Guard, Regional Training Institute, Camp Gilbert C. GraftonGeolocation: 48.1128, -98.8651
The project is primarily a regional training center, (one of five such facilities nationally) for National Guard soldiers, for training and instruction in the building traces. The project includes billets, or dormitories, R.T.I. offices, classrooms, distance learning lab, vocational shops, warehouse type material storage areas, and student convenience storage. The facility is provided with a geo-thermal heating system and achieves a LEED-silver rating equivalent. Midwest Testing, A Terracon Company, provided construction materials testing and Special Inspection services during the…