BismarckGeolocation: 46.8242, -100.7268

Established in 1975, Midwest Testing Laboratory (Midwest Testing) has provided geotechnical engineering and materials engineering and testing services on a wide variety of projects in the upper Midwest, including North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Montana. Midwest Testing was acquired by Terracon in 2010 to enhance our services in North Dakota and surrounding states. Midwest Testing specializes in projects such as flood control, bridges and overpasses, high-rise and large commercial buildings, retail and residential developments, roads and runways and slope stability. Midwest Testing offers geotechnical engineering services, specifically drilling, sampling, installations and laboratory services. Midwest Testing also offers materials testing services including concrete engineering, hot mix asphalt, roofing and soils testing.

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Brian Fettig, Office Manager

Key Projects

 Terracon provided geotechnical engineering and materials testing for Leland Olds facility
Fuel Gas Desulfurization Facility, Units 1 & 2, Leland Olds StationGeolocation: 47.3211, -101.3815
Midwest Testing Laboratory, A Terracon Company (Midwest Testing) performed geotechnical work and materials testing for Basin Electric Power Cooperative. Leland Olds Station is the only power plant in North Dakota that uses a "v-slot" coal unloading system. This v-shaped hopper and enclosure automatically unloads six rail cars at a time

Minnkota Power Cooperative, Unit 2 ChimneyGeolocation: 47.1111, -101.2573
Midwest Testing Laboratory, A Terracon Company (Midwest Testing) provided construction materials testing of plastic concrete that was poured at the Milton R. Young Station in Center, ND. This concrete will serve as the foundation for the new power plant stack that will facilitate sulfur dioxide emissions reduction at the plant

Rhame SubstationGeolocation: 46.0945, -103.556
Midwest Testing Laboratory, a Terracon Company (Midwest Testing) performed both the transmission and substation project work. Midwest Testing provided geotechnical and construction materials engineering and testing services. The site is location in an open field five miles south of Rhame, ND. The finished site occupies approximately 19 acres. Inplace embankment earthwork was 83,000 cubic yards. The construction value was approximately $4.1 million.