Facility Services

Terracon’s facility consulting group serves as your valued partner in identifying, quantifying, prioritizing, and solving system performance deficiencies and the associated risks and liabilities to your building operations.


As a facility owner, manager, or investor, you constantly face challenges in managing and maintaining systems and capital expenditures to optimize building performance and maximize the return on your facility investment.

Facilities Contacts at Terracon

Our goal is to develop and implement solutions and strategies to enhance building performance. Our licensed architects and engineers provide expert facility consulting services including:

Why Terracon?

“No matter what the issues, whether it be design, budget, scheduling, or contractor compliance, Terracon has always had the District’s interests as their top priority.”

Resourceful. Terracon is a one-stop resource for all your facilities challenges. We serve public and private clients on all types and sizes of properties to optimize building performance and efficiency.

Responsive. Through our national network of offices, Terracon can act quickly to develop a customized approach addressing multiple issues at a single building or a portfolio of hundreds of facilities in different locations.

Reliable. Our top priority is delivering high-quality, expert services tailored to meet your facility objectives, ensuring you achieve a maximum return on your investment.

Facilities Contacts

For more information on our services, please contact:

Greg Walterscheid

Member – APPA Information and Communications Committee


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