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The Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA), or the ‘Asbestos in Schools Rule’, applies to public schools as well as all non-profit, non-public elementary or secondary schools. The 1987 EPA AHERA law states that the Local Education Agency (LEA; e.g., the school or school district) is responsible for ensuring the requirements under AHERA are fulfilled.

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Keeping in Compliance: Keeping our kids safe

Terracon’s comprehensive asbestos consulting services for schools make navigating the requirements of AHERA laws easy! Let us help manage your schools’ AHERA compliance today. Whether it’s bringing old plans up to date or catching up on unfinished or missed compliance items, Terracon is here to help, including:

  • Initial and periodic investigative surveys, including sample collection and quantification for demolition and renovation projects.
  • Developing and maintaining your Asbestos Management Plan, from ongoing documentation maintenance to required updates to ensure required schedules are met.
  • Abatement project design, required by AHERA.
  • Required AHERA training for custodial and maintenance staff.

Services We Provide

Terracon can help your district fulfill these responsibilities, including:

  • Designated Person: The LEA must designate a person to manage their asbestos program.
  • Inspection requirements apply to buildings leased, owned, or otherwise used for educational purposes. Regardless of a building’s age, it must be inspected prior to use, periodically, and prior to any renovation, repair, or remodeling work.
  • To identify locations of asbestos-containing building materials (ACBMs), each LEA building must be inspected by an EPA or state accredited inspector and reinspected every three years, also by an accredited inspector.
  • Monthly Surveillance: Every six months, the Designated Person must ensure and document changes in condition of their ACBMs.
  • Asbestos Management Plan: An EPA or state accredited management planner must develop, maintain, and update an Asbestos Management Plan.
  • Yearly Notification: Annually, the LEA must provide written notification to parents, teachers, and employee organizations on availability of the school’s Asbestos Management Plan and any asbestos-related actions taken or planned in the school.

We know compliance with the numerous asbestos regulations for schools is just one small part of your job. We specialize in this work. Let us help you keep your kids safe!

AHERA Asbestos Contacts

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Jessica Nichols, PGIT
Environmental Group Manager
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M (208) 403-4486

John Murphy, CIH, CSP
Industrial Hygiene Group Manager
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