Ohio 2023 Environmental Compliance Calendar

February 01, 2023

Reporting Requirements(1)

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EPCRA – Tier II Reports (submit on Tier II) March 1
Biennial RCRA Hazardous Waste Reports (LQG) (even years) March 1
Greenhouse Gas Reporting (submit at March 31
Title V Air Permit Quarterly Deviation Report Jan. 31, Apr. 30, Jul. 31, Oct. 31
Title V Air Permit Annual Emissions Inventories April 15
Title V Air Permit – Semi-Annual Monitoring Report Jan. 31, Jul. 31
Title V Air Permit Annual Certification of Compliance April 30
Minor Source Annual Permit Evaluation Report2 Feb. 15, May 15, Aug. 15, Nov. 15
EPCRA – TRI Form R/A (submit at July 1
  1. Facility requirements should be verified to confirm due dates.
  2. Varies by permit.

Additional Environmental Requirements

Stormwater: Industrial General Permits (OHR 000007) expire April 1, 2026. Conduct quarterly inspections. Conduct benchmark monitoring and training as required and at least annually.

Those required to submit DMR forms must do so within 30 days of sampling.

Hazardous Waste: VSQG/SQG limited to one planned episodic event and one unplanned event per year – no biennial report required if proper notification.

Wastewater (NPDES/SDS): Discharge reports are required to be submitted at regular intervals, per permit requirements.

SPCC Plan: SPCC Plans must be updated every five years or whenever there is a change in oil storage or spill potential.

Air Permits/Emission Inventories: Submit all construction permit applications; Title V operating permit applications & modifications; notifications of start of construction and start of operation electronically on Ohio eBiz.

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