Indiana 2023 Environmental Compliance Calendar

February 01, 2023

Reporting Requirements(1)

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SSOA Annual Notification January 30
EPCRA – Tier II Reports (submit on Tier II Manager) March 1
Annual Manifest Report (LQG and SQG) (submit through RCRAinfo) March 1
Registration and MSOP Annual Notifications March 1
Greenhouse Gas Reporting (submit at March 31
Solid Waste Quarterly Reports April 1
Title V Air Permit Quarterly Monitoring Report Jan. 30, Apr. 30, Jul. 30, Oct. 30
Title V Air Permit – Semi-Annual Monitoring Report Jan. 30, Jul. 30
Title V Air Permit Annual Notification/Certification of Compliance2 Apr. 15 or Jul. 1
Title V Air Permit Annual Emissions Inventories July 1
Annual Emission Statement July 1 or every 3 years
EPCRA – TRI Form R/A (submit at July 1


(1) Facility requirements should be verified to confirm due dates.
(2) Varies by county.

Additional Environmental Requirements

Stormwater: Industrial General Permits (Rule 6) expires in 5 years. Conduct quarterly inspections. Conduct benchmark monitoring and training as required and at least annually. Those required to submit DMR forms must do so within 30 days of sampling.

Hazardous Waste: LQGs submit the biennial report in even-numbered years, but not the Annual Manifest Report.

Wastewater (NPDES/SDS): Discharge reports are required to be submitted at regular intervals, per permit requirements.

SPCC Plan: SPCC Plans must be updated every five years or whenever there is a change in oil storage or spill potential.

Air Permits/Emission Inventories: Emission inventories are done for all Title V permits and then on occasion another permit level will require emission inventory reporting.


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