Delivering Success Newsletter – September 2021

September 15, 2021

Delivering logistics projects at the speed of business

Supply chain facilities are a critical link in keeping goods flowing smoothly from place to place. We can help you with streamlined solutions to get your structure built quickly and operating efficiently.

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Ensuring worker safety at COVID-19 vaccination sites

Pharmacies have played a vital role in rolling out the COVID-19 vaccines and making them accessible nationwide. Some of the vaccines must be shipped and stored in dry ice, which releases CO2. Terracon industrial hygienists stepped in to help determine potential dry ice exposure hazards to pharmacy workers.

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Taming project data, workflow with iTrams innovation

Massive public infrastructure projects like the $2.1-billion Green Line Extension Project in Boston require team members to capture, organize, and share enormous amounts of data. Terracon’s materials team developed a tool to help keep your complex project data (and projects) flowing smoothly: iTrams.

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Lowering solar project costs with pile load testing

Pre-design pile load testing has become the industry standard to help reduce construction costs – if you can secure this service in time to stay on schedule. Terracon has invested in specialized equipment devoted exclusively to installing test piles, to keep your projects on track and on budget.

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Quick, simplified sourcing for facility maintenance

Terracon has been named to the newly structured Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) category at Sourcewell, offering participating agencies a way to objectively identify and prioritize maintenance and facilities expenses. Our Sourcewell cooperative contract puts you on the fast track: The bid process has already been satisfied, so you can quickly gather quotes and trust Terracon for FCA services and support. Utilize the power of Sourcewell and Terracon to make purchasing simple and more affordable.

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