Large-scale clean energy project managed effectively using TARGETID from Terracon

February 25, 2021

Indeck power station

Keeping track of all the various activities related to a complex project is always challenging. When the project is a large, next-generation clean energy center, tools that can help coordinate are critical. With a construction cost of approximately $500 million, the Indeck Niles Energy Center (Indeck Niles) is a project with the scale that requires a solution for providing critical data quickly to make timely, informed decisions.

When completed in 2022, the Indeck Niles plant will be the most efficient energy center of its kind in Michigan. The new, state-of-the-art energy center will be fueled by clean natural gas, replacing older, dirtier, and less efficient coal-fired plants. The plant is expected to generate 1,000 megawatts of energy, which is enough to power 635,000 homes and businesses.

Terracon has been providing materials and geotechnical services during construction of Indeck Niles since the project start in 2019.

Large-scale projects such as Indeck Niles generate massive amounts of materials testing data, such as field density tests, concrete tests, and more. To assist the client in managing the hundreds – perhaps thousands – of construction materials reports, we’ve been using TARGETID. This innovative solution allows technicians to enter testing and inspections data in the field, pulling the data into an interactive map. Site data is available in real time, from the locations where the testing is performed, enabling clients to view specific data quickly to make timely, informed decisions. TARGETID provides an unprecedented technological advantage in the industry, leveraging geospatial information to collect, communicate, and report materials testing results through a map-centric, highly visual, and interactive interface.

Through TARGETID’s dashboards, clients and project stakeholders can quickly and easily identify, assess, and address any deviations to keep the project on schedule.


The complex project has generated thousands of data points that need to be reported and accessed. Current data points for the project include 3,454 for density, 625 for concrete, 131 for proofrolls, 200 for asphalt, and 115 for grout. This data will be used in the closeout documents of the project when the client, Kiewit, turns the plant over to the owners.

Without the use of TARGETID, all of these points would need to be compiled in a spreadsheet and then checked against all the work orders. Today we can export the information in less than a minute and provide a spreadsheet with the exact data from TARGETID, saving time and multiple hours of work. TARGETID also makes it easy to find stored data quickly. For example, site plans for the plant were entered into TARGETID, enabling the contractor to find information by location or stage of construction.

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