Field and Laboratory Testing and Analysis


Terracon has more than 140 construction materials testing laboratories. These laboratories have state-of-the-art equipment for testing soils, concrete, masonry, asphalt and aggregates. Each office follows strict quality assurance guidelines for equipment usage and calibration.

We are familiar with specifications from various agencies such as state and federal highway departments, ASTM, FAA, FHWA, AASHTO and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Many of Terracon’s staff and laboratories are inspected by CCRL and AMRL, and then certified by AASHTO and the respective state departments of transportation.

  • Soils

    Laboratory tests are performed to define soil properties and identify those soils that do not conform to project specifications. For moisture content, strength and stability, the early identification of issues helps avoid future problems and allows for the correction of problems during construction.

  • Concrete & Masonry

    New criteria for concrete and masonry construction are evolving on a continual basis. We can design mixes for concrete, mortar and grout to satisfy the project specifications.

  • Asphalt

    Modern construction practices involving asphalt require consideration of such factors as durability, adaptability to fast track construction and proper performance under specialized applications. Asphalt concrete mixes can be designed using local materials that best fit roadway and airport needs.

  • Aggregates

    Aggregate quality is established and monitored by performing such laboratory tests as gradation analysis, specific gravity, absorption, soundness, freeze-thaw, abrasion, deleterious substances, and acid solubility.


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