Rapid data acquisition, with little to no site disturbance

Geophysics is a non-destructive and efficient investigative tool for both routine and complex projects. Terracon’s staff of highly qualified geophysicists routinely work with a broad spectrum of clientele to provide necessary geophysical information.

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Technology and testing to help you plan your projects

Our teams use geophysical methods either independently or integrated with other investigative methods to provide subsurface information that cannot be gathered by other invasive methods.  These services help our clients:

  • Determine soil and rock properties
  • Investigate groundwater basins
  • Map geologic structure and geologic hazards (landslides and faults)
  • Delineate and characterize landfills and hazardous waste
  • Locate buried tanks, utilities, debris, and historical/archaeological objects
  • Determine subsurface seepage zones
  • Characterize karst potential and investigate sinkholes
  • Assess pavements for thickness and integrity (delaminations)
  • Locate embedded reinforcing steel (e.g., PT cables) and conduits
  • Locate subsurface voids

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Combining methods for better results

When combined with traditional methods, site characterization of a project can be greatly improved. Our highly qualified geophysicists routinely work with a broad spectrum of clients to provide necessary geophysical information for the exploration, planning, design, locating, and evaluation of a wide variety of project sites.

We utilize single and multi-channel ground penetrating radar (GPR), seismic, electrical resistivity, electromagnetic, downhole/borehole, and many others.

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