Expected Conditions


Imagine having an opinion of the conditions you will encounter within hours of your request. With our unique database of historical information, partnered with our proprietary Geographic Information Systems (GIS) platform and public domain information, we can predict the subsurface conditions for your next project. We have approximately 2 million soil borings in our database, giving us an incredible start to predict what we will encounter on your next project.

Our Report of Expected Geotechnical Conditions (REGC) takes advantage of GIS to easily store, retrieve, and interpret the massive amount of data we have accumulated. We take historic data and overlay it onto published geologic and soil survey information. The final step of our REGC process is to have one of our geotechnical engineers with local project site expertise review the data and geologic setting to develop an opinion of the conditions expected to be encountered at a particular site.

This unique approach to predicting subsurface conditions provides:

  • Low cost preliminary evaluations
  • Confidence predictions
  • Constructability evaluations
  • Smart work plan development
  • Faster decision making
  • More economical foundations

Our REGC is delivered to you through a customized online project portal. It includes all the public data used to develop our opinions, as well as the locations of all data points available to us to create our predictions.


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