Facility Condition Assessments

The knowledge gained from conducting a facility condition assessment (FCA) provides facility owners with an understanding of the current conditions of their real estate portfolio. Terracon’s FCAs include the systematic inventory of building and site infrastructure components, determination of operational condition, documentation of observed deficiencies, and development of multi-year, prioritized forecast of costs for maintenance, repair, and capital renewal. We help building owners to increase the reliability of their assets and extend the serviceable life of existing facility components.

Our facility assessment teams are specialists in MEP, energy, structural, building enclosure, architectural, pavement, and ADA accessibility. We also pull in our environmental group to address industrial hygiene and hazardous materials issues when necessary. Having this range of specialties in-house provides you with a streamlined, cohesive understanding of your asset management needs.

Terracon FCAs feature:

  • Pre-assessment kick-off meeting to initiate FCA planning activities.
  • Review facility background documentation (site plans, architectural drawings, prior studies, equipment lists, etc.).
  • Interview staff with knowledge of the construction and maintenance history of each facility.
  • Collect information describing past, current, and/or planned capital projects and maintenance activities.
  • Establish facility hierarchy for data collection, storage, and reporting.
  • Digital photographs to document existing field conditions.
  • Compile an inventory of building, equipment, and infrastructure assets of each property.
  • Non-destructive visual inspection to identify deficiencies and life cycle conditions.
  • Rate the existing condition of inventoried components to calculate an estimated Remaining Useful Life (RUL).
  • Prioritize repair and replacement projects based on impact, criticality, and risk reduction strategies.
  • Generate requirements analysis with costs for deferred maintenance, preventive maintenance, and life cycle renewal.
  • Develop multi-year budgets by spending category and account.
  • Provide a prioritized forecast to strategically reduce the current backlog of deferred maintenance and fund future needs (25-year Forecast).
  • Create one central depository of data on critical building systems, life expectancy, and capital investments.

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