During planning and construction, skilled professionals are needed to provide trusted advice to assist building owners and investors in making educated decisions. Complex building systems need to integrate to allow a building to perform with the service and value intended. Consideration of the different building system life cycles of must be considered carefully to assist with future maintenance or investment strategies. The challenges and needs of maintaining a facility differ greatly from those associated with facility design and construction. Terracon’s facilities team is the multifaceted partner you need at every phase of facility ownership. Our clients get streamlined strategies and solutions to enhance building performance at all stages of the project lifecycle: due diligence, design, new construction, and asset management. Terracon has built a national team of licensed architects and engineers who are eager to optimize the efficiency and performance of your structures. We partner with facility owners, managers, and investors, focusing on budget restrictions, solving system performance deficiencies, and mitigating your risks.

Our dedicated team responds to the specialized needs of project teams, facility owners and operators with a commitment to deliver customized solutions that keep your facility running at its peak. We understand that no two facilities are the same, and we are proficient at flexing and adapting quickly. Our facilities professionals are located throughout the country. This local expertise, backed by the resources of more than 175 locations nationwide, means we can respond quickly to client requests, while accessing any additional assets needed to help keep a project on schedule.

Terracon’s team of professionals are experts in a variety of facility services, including:

  • Engineering and Material Diagnostics
  • Building Enclosure Consulting
  • Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP)
  • Energy Consulting
  • Facility Assessment and Capital Asset Planning
  • Accessibility Services, and more.

Together, we do more than just help create value for your projects or assets. Our services can lower the cost and risk of ownership, provide improved, responsible stewardship, and improve sustainability for the life of a facility. What goals can we help you meet and maintain for your facility?

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