Geophysical Services

Geophysics is a non-destructive and efficient investigative tool for both routine and complex projects. Geophysical surveys offer a major advantage over traditional investigative techniques in that rapid data acquisition is obtained safely with little or no site disturbance.


Terracon’s highly qualified geophysicists routinely provide our clients with important geophysical information for exploration, planning, and design.

Applications include:

  • Characterize subsurface surficial geology (soils)
  • Evaluate depth to bedrock and groundwater
  • Evaluate soil corrosivity
  • Locate rebar and conduits in concrete and masonry
  • Locate underground storage tanks, underground pipes
  • Locate voids, fill boundaries, and former excavations
  • Monitor ground vibrations (during blasting, pile driving, construction)

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Why Terracon?

Resourceful. We enable you to evaluate sites for proposed developments prior to performing intrusive explorations, saving you time and money.

Responsive. Drawing upon more than 50 years of experience, we develop a customized geophysical approach providing you with the most cost-effective manner to compile and synthesize data.

Reliable. We deliver high-quality, expert soil and rock characterization using diverse exploration methods and software. This ensures the accurate and precise results you need to be successful.

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