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Terracon's Wichita office opened in 1975 as Soil Testing Services of Kansas. In 1980, Soil Testing Services of Iowa and Soil Testing Services of Kansas united as Terracon. While many of the services, which the office provides, remain the same today as they were in 1975, engineering and testing has become faster and more sophisticated. Terracon's Wichita office provides a full range of geotechnical, environmental, and construction materials engineering services throughout South Central and Western Kansas. In 1999, the Wichita office expanded to include a full service satellite location in Garden City, with the acquisition of the Mike Hawkins Company, to provide more responsive and reliable service to our clients in Western Kansas. Garden City is a leading provider of agricultural and construction materials engineering and testing services, and has worked with Wichita to provide geotechnical and environmental engineering services. With more than 35 years of experience with offices in Kansas, our employees are extremely knowledgeable about local geologic conditions, construction materials procedures and codes, and environmental policies, regulations and concerns. Wichita has a fully equipped, certified laboratory, supported by the largest field technician crew and equipment fleet in the Wichita area. Wichita is recognized as a leading provider of geotechnical and construction materials engineering services, in the Wichita area and throughout Western Kansas. Wichita's environmental strengths include due diligence, remediation, regulatory compliance, landfills, IAQ/asbestos, and natural resources.

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Scott Randle, P.E., Office Manager

Key Projects

Cessna Citation Service CenterGeolocation: 37.6922, -97.3375
Terracon provided construction materials engineering and testing and inspection and geotechnical services for this new 450,000-square-footstructure. The Cessna Citation Service Center is one of Kansas's largest single tenant structures, consisting of multiple aircraft bays, numerous repair shops, customer business center, cafeteria, and office space located on a 150-acre site. The project is located on the Cessna Aircraft Campus in Wichita, Kan.

Federal Aviation AdministrationGeolocation: 37.6922, -97.3375

Terracon conducted Phase I environmental site assessments, plus additional services, for the Federal Aviation Administration, on behalf of Parsons Infrastructure & Technology Group, Inc. The five sites were FAA Radio Communications Link Repeater facilities which are being decommissioned, and the FAA requested due diligence be performed prior to the FAA removing site improvements and returning the leased sites to the landowners.

Wind Farm DevelopmentGeolocation: 39.4796, -97.6982
Terracon was retained by our client to perform a threatened and endangered species assessment (TESA), cultural resources assessment (CRA), and Phase I environmental site assessment (ESA), per ASTM E 1527-05, on a 23,000 acre contiguous tract of land in Cloud County, Kan., the proposed site of a wind farm. The TESA, CRA, and Phase I ESA performed by Terracon included a site reconnaissance covering multiple land types such as agricultural, pasture, oil/gas operations, woodlands, floodplain, etc. The site reconnaissance allowed Terracon to identify areas of concern, including habitats and…