Disaster Response

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Disaster Response

Disaster Response Overview

Our demonstrated experience in providing rapid response services to clients impacted by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the flooding in central Iowa, and the I-35 bridge collapse in Minneapolis, has given us a staff of highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals to help you prepare for when disaster strikes. We have also developed solid teaming relationships with specialty firms that augment our skills and experience, and can provide our clients with access to proven resources to assist with the full spectrum of planning, response, and recovery services.


Pre-Disaster Planning

  • Establish mobilization requirements
  • Accumulate vital information by property
  • Utilities
  • Property access
  • Establish logical work items
  • Establish points of contact
  • Establish disaster recovery protocol

Geotechnical Engineering Services

  • Evaluation of landslides/slope movement
  • Settlement evaluation of foundations, slabs, and pavements
  • Subsurface explorations and sampling to evaluate subgrade conditions, erosion, and voids
  • In-situ testing and/or non-invasive imaging (i.e., ground penetrating radar, geophones, and video cameras)
  • Assistance with FHWA bridge evaluation, including underwater inspection and sonar
  • Evaluations of dams, embankments, and levees

Environmental Consulting Services

  • Post-flood recognized environmental condition (REC) assessments
  • Moisture mapping of impacted building materials
  • Industrial hygiene/health and safety consultation
  • Evaluation of contaminated water and water-supply wells
  • Hazardous materials inventory, assessment, and clean-up consultation
  • Waste stream studies and analysis
  • Mold and indoor air quality assessments and abatement consulting
  • Asbestos surveys and abatement plans and specifications
  • Hazardous substance investigation, disposal, and remediation

Construction Materials Engineering Services

  • Reconstruction QA/QC and materials testing
  • Accumulate documentation for maximum reimbursement
  • Damage surveys and estimates to be used for insurance/FEMA
  • Prepare project worksheets
  • Property damage
  • Xactimate format (certified level 3)
  • Business income loss calculations
  • Insurance claim review with adjuster or FEMA and negotiation if allowable by law
  • Reconstruction management
  • Facilitate design services/sustainability review
  • Hazard mitigation

Facilities/Building Services

  • Property Condition Assessment of:
    • Pavement
    • Foundational/structural
    • Roof evaluation
    • Curtain wall
    • Mechanical equipment
    • Building envelope/exterior finish systems
  • Maintenance planning
  • Moisture intrusion
  • Forensic investigations
  • Discovery/expert witness
  • Design/implementation
  • Complete construction administration
  • Life cycle cost analysis
  • Infrared surveys
  • Vibration monitoring
  • Fire damage
  • Commissioning

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