About Terracon

Corporate Responsibility

Terracon’s Commitment to Sustainability

Using the earth’s resources at a rate in which they are naturally replenished, while not compromising the ability of future generations to use them, has become known as sustainability. By focusing on the concepts of reduce, reuse, and recycle, Terracon is committed to achieving sustainable business practices while at the same time providing our clients with sustainable, cost-effective environmental and geotechnical solutions.

Terracon’s commitment to sustainable business practices both internally and externally is illustrated by the following:

  • We incorporate waste minimization and energy efficiency practices into our day-to-day operations.
  • We work closely with clients to provide them with solutions that incorporate sustainable design and principles into their deliverables.
  • We educate and encourage our employees to respect the environment and contribute to sustainability at work, at home and in the communities in which they live.

The employee-owners of Terracon are committed to doing their part to protect and prolong the limited resources that the planet has provided us with.