Data for More Sustainable Solar Energy

September 08, 2023

Terracon’s Proprietary Pile Load Testing System Leads to Safer, More Efficient Collection of Essential Solar Foundation Data

The future of solar energy lies in the combination of sustainability and speed to market. Our latest innovation, the Terrapod 2100 pile load testing system, was inspired by that intersection. Implementing this new technology helps us give our clients a unique advantage in bringing solar projects online.

The Next Generation of Pile Load Testing Design

Pile Load Testing (PLT) is the most critical step in optimizing a solar array foundation design. The Terrapod 2100 helps our professionals bring clients this critical data quickly and efficiently. The proprietary design is lightweight, strong, and easily maneuverable by one person. At only 81 pounds, it can be quickly moved into position and can handle loads that well exceed current foundation load requirements. It also removes the need for heavy equipment in the field, saving the cost of transport and operation.

A smarter solar foundation design is key for more sustainable projects. Accurate collection of PLT data using the Terrapod 2100 can be the start of more environmentally friendly projects. Lowering pile embedment depths, even by just one foot, can lead to millions of dollars saved in steel on one project and a huge reduction in the project’s carbon footprint.

We have the resources to keep pace with the growing demand for solar. Our team of more than 120 trained, solar professionals currently operates our fleet of piledrivers and 30 Terrapod 2100 tripods. Terracon’s solar experts can help you get the most from your solar foundation. Let’s connect to put our expertise to work on your next project! Contact client development manager Ryan Merrell, P.E., at to learn more about our PLT data servcies!

Ryan Merrell, P.E. is a client development manager for Terracon's power generation and transmission sector.

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