Teaming Up to Deliver Winning Projects

July 14, 2023

Terracon Works Alongside A/E/C Clients to Achieve a Common Goal

The traits of the best partners go far beyond talent. Integrity, trust, the ability to work toward a common goal, and having difficult conversations when necessary are the foundation of successful partnerships. When Terracon partners with our Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (A/E/C) clients, our job is often to provide the accurate, timely data our partners need to stay on schedule.

Challenges can and do arise – the world is an imperfect place. We understand issues within the industry because it’s our industry, too. In fact, our A/E/C clients accounted for nearly a third of our projects and revenue in 2022. Collaborating with our partners means bringing solutions to your projects to solve problems or avoid challenges altogether.

Resources at the Ready

Our strength lies in our numbers and the expertise and commitment of our employee-owners. With more than 6,000 scientists, engineers, and other professionals, we offer nationwide networks of expertise in several key areas, including environmental services, materials testing and laboratories, geotechnical services, industrial hygiene, facilities services, and more. The diversity of services means we can help your A/E/C project both now and in the future. Local expertise gives our clients knowledgeable partners who can help anticipate and possibly avoid challenges unique to a particular state or region. And our fleet of drill rigs, laboratories, and other resources helps cut the time needed to gather and analyze necessary data.

Making More Informed Decisions Through Technology

Technology is transforming the A/E/C industry. At Terracon, we use several technological innovations to maximize the value of the data our clients entrust us to gather. We enhance our consulting services through data-driven decision-making and provide software-as-a-service solutions to put the power of technology into our clients’ hands. We offer two technology solutions that help streamline the site selection process for our A/E/C clients on a wide variety of projects. We can work with clients remotely and our innovative platform unlocks powerful, site-specific data and anticipated subsurface conditions allowing for a quick advance into planning and preliminary designs and budgets without setting foot on the proposed project site. We have a software-as-a-service offering delivering location-based intelligence to clients performing preliminary siting and routing solutions for renewable energy and other large linear projects.

We’ve also developed technology tools to simplify searching for specific testing results on large projects. Our GIS-based platform puts testing results right on the project site map. Finding a particular test result is as easy as clicking on the area where the test was taken, providing a better understanding of the critical nature of any specific test on the overall project. In many ways, data is our business. We’re committed to continually innovating to help our clients find new ways to maximize the data we gather.

Resiliency Services that Benefit Companies as well as the Environment

Sustainability is as important to us as it is to our A/E/C clients. Our cultural and natural resource professionals, NEPA planners, scientists, and landscape architects excel at providing the services needed to navigate the complexity of environmental regulations. We can help identify and clearly walk you through each step of the permitting requirements specific to your project needs, allowing you to prioritize and stay ahead of potential hurdles. Whether we’re helping to protect people and natural resources, enhance ecosystem services, or extend the life of facilities, we bring a sustainability and resiliency mindset to our projects that go beyond the obvious needs to find opportunities that champion the stewardship legacy of our projects.

We’re also intently focused on sustainability in our own business practices. We understand the challenges involved because we leverage the same services ourselves that we provide to our clients to continually improve and make a positive impact in the communities where we live and work.

Welcoming the Opportunity to Overcome Challenges

Good planning is important. So is adaptability when plans change. We are in the business of not only providing data and answers that are good news, but also on occasion when it is not.  “We’re going to be there to tell you when things aren’t what you want to hear,” Laura Campa, P.E., materials assistant service line director said. “But we’re also going to partner with you to come to a solution and figure out how to get those items corrected.” Good news or bad, we have the solutions to help at every step of the project journey.

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