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March 09, 2023

Alternate Delivery Group Ready to Meet the Needs of Dynamic Transportation Projects

Fast is the pace at which design-build, public-private partnership (P3), and other alternate-delivery transportation projects move. Consistency in leadership, processes, and deliverables are essential to keeping each unique project on schedule. This was the inspiration behind Terracon creating a new alternate delivery group. While no two alternate delivery projects are alike, our clients can expect a consistent and reliable experience from project to project, no matter where it’s located.

Meeting the Unique Demands of Alternate Delivery

Being a trusted partner requires meeting clients where they’re at. This mindset led to the creation of the alternate delivery group, so our services to transportation clients could evolve alongside changes in the industry. “We created the alternate delivery group out of our transportation and infrastructure sector to get laser-focused on consistency in the pursuit, execution, and delivery of transportation projects,” Chief Growth Officer Michael O’Grady said. “Today there is a tremendous number of transportation projects going into alternate delivery, whether it be design-build or P3. It takes a certain amount of expertise to understand how to manage those projects and deliver to our clients, so we felt we needed a group to focus strictly on that part of the transportation market.”

Alternate delivery projects have their own rhythm. As the emphasis on timing and scheduling increases, so does the need for experienced professionals who can manage the challenges at hand, with the foresight to anticipate and plan for any potential future issues. “The alt-delivery structure allows us to narrow in on the needs of our clients as well as the risk associated with these projects. At the same time, we will manage those risks to effectively meet project needs and schedules,” O’Grady said.

Alternate delivery projects will become more streamlined as their numbers continue to grow. The experienced professionals in Terracon’s alternate delivery group have the specialized skills and experience to partner with you every step of the way. Let’s get to work on your next project.

David Lipka headshot

David Lipka, P.E., is the national director of Terracon’s alternate delivery group. He has more than four decades of experience in geotechnical and materials engineering services, with a focus on transportation and infrastructure projects.  

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