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December 29, 2022

Don’t overlook roofs – one of the largest components in warehouse integrity

When it comes to warehouses, not all roofs are created equal. Regularly inspecting and assessing your warehouse facility’s roof throughout its lifecycle is part of a roof asset management program. Terracon’s experienced teams provide services for roof inspection, design, construction oversight, and contractor solicitation.

Most often roofing assessment for warehouses are performed as part of a Property Condition Assessment (PCA) during the due-diligence phase of a real estate transaction as providing a snapshot of the roof’s condition. Issues with warehouse roofs are frequently related to the sheer volume of the roof surface, not necessarily the complexity of the design.

For example, cold storage warehouses are subject to greater differentials between outside and inside temperatures, potentially leading to moisture intrusion from increased vapor drive. Converted cold storage properties could have issues with foundation slabs and roof systems not designed for cold storage.

Project accessibility and size pose significant consulting challenges, including the access costs of a traditional building condition assessment. Terracon’s facilities professionals use our internal drone resources, to provide more effective, efficient means of visual assessment of difficult-to-reach building systems. This approach yields greater accuracy, coverage, and safety. With our advanced capabilities, we can provide visual information, infrared imaging, and 3D imaging of a structure’s exterior. This augments our visual assessment to deliver more comprehensive information and findings typically with less cost, minimal building interruption, and faster turnaround time.

Moisture surveys can point to potential trouble spots in warehouse roofing before problems reach a critical stage. For example, problems with vapor barriers or other roof elements can be solved more easily when discovered early. Warehouse roofs may also have asbestos, and Terracon’s team can help monitor contractors during removal protocols and replacements.

As the pace of demand for distribution centers, fulfillment centers, warehouses (including cold storage), intermodal, and other logistics facilities, continues to grow at an unprecedented pace across the U.S., partnering with the right professional engineering consultant early is key. Contact us for your next warehouse project today!

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