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February 18, 2022

Demand for distribution centers, fulfillment centers, warehouses (including cold storage), intermodal, and other logistics facilities, is growing at an unprecedented rate across the U.S. The fast pace growth requires teams capable of providing quick turnaround solutions and meeting deadlines, while also providing the resources and flexibility to respond to demanding requirements. Timeframes for site selection, design, and construction have sped up, and partnering with the right professional engineering consultant early is key.

Need for Speed

It’s increasingly common for developers to be faced with compressed and/or unrealistic due diligence periods. And, deadline extensions for deliverables? Forget it.

Developers are not only competing with one another but are often faced with unfavorable market and labor conditions that make completing due diligence difficult for those without the available professional expertise and resources.

So how do you swiftly assess a site’s development, construction, and deal risk before committing significant capital into a potential project site?

Terracon can help, starting early in the site selection process. Our teams bring years of expertise to provide critical information quickly to create a competitive advantage during site selection and early land acquisition discussions. Our multidisciplinary teams have the resources to provide quick turnaround site assessment deliverables, often eliminating the need to engage multiple partners early in the site selection process Stage1.

Experienced Partners

Regardless of the location or stage of project completion – Terracon can provide the right mix of knowledge and services. We provide engineering services at every stage of your logistics project’s lifecycle, from site selection to design assistance, construction QA/QC, environmental compliance, asset management (including pavement management) and facilities services. The combination of local teams and national resources Terracon offers, gives our clients the confidence to know the project will be completed accurately and on-time.

To find out more about how Terracon can tailor our services to align with your evolving needs at each phase of your next logistics project, visit

Brad Urhahn, P.E. is a senior national account manager in the Logistics sector for Terracon. Brad has more than 30 years’ experience in design and construction management associated with big box retail, distribution centers, and power transmission and distribution.



Will Salters, MBA, is a client development manager committed to the Logistics Sector. He leads the development pipeline for a number of Terracon’s national developer, contractor and logistics clients, and leads a team dedicated to supporting and attracting investment to the communities in which we live, work and play.

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