Delivering Success Newsletter – May 2021

June 14, 2021

Viewpoints: Sustainable energy solutions

Renewable energy is rapidly gaining ground in the U.S. as wind and solar power technologies become more sophisticated and cost-competitive with traditional energy sources. In this short video interview, Blair Loftis, Terracon national director, power generation and transmission, discusses marketplace trends and how innovations in wind energy structures are becoming more affordable and sustainable.

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Keeping projects on track during COVID-19

Planning and flexibility are always important for successful projects – but they became essential amid the many impacts of COVID-19. After a roof assessment services project was placed on hold in early 2020 due to safety concerns and travel restrictions, Terracon’s facilities team stayed in close touch with our client to monitor the situation and develop safety requirements, a communications structure, and debrief protocols, allowing us to move the project forward quickly.

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Expect the unexpected: Helping to handle a historic discovery at a project site

When a standard Phase I environmental site assessment revealed the presence of a long-forgotten cemetery, our Nashville, Tennessee, environmental team developed a solution emphasizing sensitivity and speed, properly relocating the graves while keeping our client’s proposed development project on schedule.

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Terracon expands locational intelligence technology offering with pivvot acquisition 

Terracon is excited to announce that Pivvot and its 20 employees have joined our company, bringing together Pivvot’s industry-leading location intelligence with Terracon’s multidiscipline engineering consulting services and proprietary data solutions to enhance project delivery for energy-sector clients. Pivvot streamlines projects with geospatial location intelligence, including renewable energy siting and suitability, electric transmission and pipeline routing, environmental impact analysis, and custom data acquisition.

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Stage1 offering honored for industry innovation by the association for corporate growth 

Terracon’s Stage1 product, a collaborative, fully online offering that streamlines site selection for clients, was honored by The Association for Corporate Growth, a global network dedicated to driving growth in middle-market companies, with its first-ever Innovation award.

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