Delivering Success Newsletter – April 2021

May 03, 2021

Making structural steel projects stronger and safer

Structural steel: Your partners for strength and safety

Our clients depend on the durability and versatility of structural steel for a variety of construction projects. We maximize the safety and integrity of your structural steel projects through nondestructive evaluation, observation, and testing, and deliver data fast to address problems quickly to preserve your schedule, budget, and peace of mind.

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Delivering vital data faster for Nashville MLS stadium

Soccer fans can hardly wait for the Spring 2022 opening of Nashville (Tennessee) Soccer Club’s new stadium, featuring 30,000 seats, seven premium areas, 27 suites, and other amenities. To help our client review construction materials testing data quickly, we brought our technology “A” game: TARGETID, a revolutionary tool noted in Engineering News-Record that streamlines data-driven decision-making for even the most complex projects.

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Gathering underground survey data from above

Surveying areas with dense brush and overgrowth on foot is difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. We eliminate these issues by taking to the skies, using unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) and precision lightweight equipment to quickly gather the data our clients need, such as identifying and mapping underground oil and gas well casings on a proposed solar site in Texas.


Avoiding that ‘sinking feeling’ on pipeline projects

Sinkholes and pipelines don’t always mix well. When Columbia Gas/TC Energy launched a project to construct and repair miles of natural gas pipeline in Virginia and West Virginia, Terracon’s geotechnical team assessed more than 300 acres of karst terrain (think sinkholes and underground caves) to manage impacts during construction.

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Get a handle on your building’s energy performance

Property condition assessments can estimate future repair, replacement, and maintenance costs for your building (or a building you are looking to purchase). But what about energy usage? Now, Terracon’s facilities team is using two new ASTM standards to help you better understand this important piece of the facility puzzle to make sound asset management or investment decisions.

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Sport Environmental Services joins Terracon

We are pleased to welcome the 12 employees of Sport Environmental Services LLC (Sport) of Midland, Texas, to Terracon. Sport has been a trusted advisor providing environmental services and consulting to energy production/oil and gas clients in the Permian Basin area, and will be supported by Terracon’s Midland team and nearly 25 other offices in Texas and New Mexico.

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