Efficient Review Helps Organization Manage Facilities Assets

September 27, 2019


Dedicated to providing food, transportation, early childhood education, and other services throughout rural Minnesota, The United Community Action Partnership (UCAP) was formed in early 2018 as the result of a merger of several non-profit organizations. The new organization was challenged with providing services from 42 locations in different levels of condition, creating the need for a comprehensive assessment of facilities and recommendations for repair. Structures included garages, classrooms, and office buildings.

The problem faced by the UCAP in Marshall, Minn.: How do you begin to maintain the assets of 42 locations when you don’t know what assets you have?

“When United Community Action Partnership became a reality, we knew we would be able to better support the needs of people in southwest Minnesota. One part of that is making sure we have the locations and resources available for people to access us,” said Nancy Straw, executive director of UCAP.

Responding to a request for proposal, Terracon was awarded a 10- week schedule to assess all locations, then provide an inventory report and cost estimate for capital renewal and replacement projects for the next ten years. While this is a standard task, the number of sites and the distances involved posed challenges for timely and consistent reporting.

The team developed a plan to provide maximum efficiency on the project, including shortening the original schedule and using the FastField mobile application to build a form and report designed specifically for the project. The mobile tablet tool enabled the assessors to capture and validate data onsite in a consistent format, making report generation easier and faster.

With detailed reports and photo logs already provided as reports from the software, 50% of the total reporting was complete before the team returned from its inspections. Following a standard review process, the field team finalized the report in 12 business days, three days ahead of schedule. Using a comprehensive approach of planning, technology implementation and excellent client communications, the final project schedule was condensed to just four weeks.

“The assessment provided the data we need to budget and plan for capital expenditures over the next ten years to help us maintain all of those properties. We are better able to manage our risk and ensure our future for the people of Minnesota,” Straw said.

David Schultz, joined Terracon in spring 2018 as senior facilities professional following more than a decade of management and consulting experience in facilities management and construction.  David has worked throughout the U.S. managing projects and assisting clients to more effectively manage their facilities.

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