Developing Rail-Specific Asbestos Management Safety Plans

May 22, 2019

Rail bridge

Asbestos was commonly included in building and construction materials prior to 1980, due to its durability and heat resistance. The product was also used extensively in the rail industry for a wide-variety of materials including: in train and track parts, as an insulator, and to help strengthen steel within buildings located at stations, depots, and along the rail lines. Unfortunately, asbestos has been shown to be harmful when disturbed, and the EPA requires management programs for the day-to-day management, removal, or disturbance of the material.

Safely Managing Asbestos Abatement

Terracon’s teams have a wealth of experience on rail projects, assisting clients in implementing and continuing successful Asbestos Management Programs across the U.S. The start of these programs includes the development of a project-specific safety plan outlining a thorough job hazard analysis for asbestos inspection and asbestos abatement oversight work. Partnership is critical, with each inspector needing an understanding of the job hazard analysis and expectations for quality assurance and quality control during the field work.

Rail employees and site contacts work closely with Terracon inspectors to create an inspection schedule based on the priority determined by the client. Once a schedule is set, Terracon inspectors move their work onsite – determining if field conditions warrant an update in safety planning, performing the property inspection, analyzing suspect asbestos bulk samples in accordance with EPA 600/R-93/116, and providing documentation of the location and condition of asbestos containing materials.

Did you know?

Terracon employs one of the largest occupational safety and health groups in the United States, in addition to Terracon’s more than 250 asbestos inspectors, many who are e-RAILSAFE trained personnel,

Expertise Ensures Rail Lines Stay Up and Running

Terracon’s teams have performed consulting services on nearly 2,700 rail projects over the last 10 years for several railroad companies including all Class 1 rail lines. During this time, there have been significant changes to the rail industry from the Staggers Rail Act to the focus on increased safety and security along rail lines. These changes affect the way railway companies do business, and we understand the infrastructure maintenance necessary to maintain regular traffic. This experience, which has given us a solid understanding of railway operations and requirements, includes Class 1 Railroad (e-RAILSAFE) safety and Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) protocols.

It is essential for railroad companies to collaborate with a full-service provider for asbestos identification, management in-place, abatement design, long-term monitoring of materials, worker awareness training, and design engineering. They need partners and consultants who are highly responsive, resourceful, and safe.

As a leading transportation provider, Terracon is committed to your operational goals of continuing to expand networks, increasing freight capability, and improving efficiency

Robert Garrison is a Senior Associate at Industrial Hygiene Department Manager in Terracon’s DFW Metro Office.  He has more than 35 years’ experience in the field of Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ), Microbial Investigation/Remediation and Industrial Hygiene.  Robert has managed multiple, large and diverse projects such as proactive IEQ evaluations for national clients, asbestos inspections for transportation clients nationwide, and has provided environmental consulting for numerous school districts in North Texas.

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