• About

    Terracon’s goal is to develop and implement solutions and strategies to enhance building performance. Our licensed architects and engineers provide expert facility consulting services to public and private clients on all property types from retail shopping centers to high-rise office towers; military to manufacturing facilities; K-12 and higher education structures; and light industrial and data centers.

  • Building Enclosure Consulting (Roofs, Walls, and Waterproofing)

    A typical building enclosure is comprised of a multitude of components and systems working together in a variety of ways to keep building occupants dry, warm, cool, safe, and secure. Terracon understands the intricacies associated with properly aligning materials, components, and systems to ensure increased building enclosure performance which ultimately will decrease your operating expenses.

    • Air Infiltration and Water Penetration Testing
    • Aquatics/Fountain Design and Rehabilitation
    • Building Enclosure Commissioning (BECx)
    • Electronic Field Vector Mapping (EFVM)
    • Leak Investigation
    • Life Cycle Cost Analysis
    • Peer Review
    • Remedial Design and Construction Administration
    • Roof Moisture Surveys
    • Roof and Wall Asset Management Programs

  • Engineering Diagnostics

    If you own or manage building properties and related infrastructure, you face daily performance challenges. Buildings, parking garages, supporting structures, walkways, water features, roadways, surface parking areas, lighting fixtures, stadiums, auditoriums, arboretums, and green spaces are all components of a single building development or a multi-building campus. Terracon can assist you in investigating the cause or causes of a failure to these structures and make recommendations for corrective measures. The diagnostic services we provide typically include one or more of these tasks:

    • Visual condition assessment
    • Non-destructive testing
    • Load testing instrumentation
    • Document review
    • Laboratory testing and examination
    • Engineering analysis
    • Rehabilitation plans and specifications
    • Bidding assistance
    • Construction administration
    • Field testing/monitoring of repairs



  • Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) Consulting

    One of the largest challenges and expenses in maintaining any facility is found in the operation of energy-consuming systems, including heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC), interior and exterior lighting, domestic water service, and their distribution. Terracon’s facilities consultants are a highly regarded partner in assessing the condition and performance of your MEP systems and developing strategies to improve the efficiency and reliability of those systems.

    • Air Barrier and Building Pressure Testing and Diagnostics
    • ASHRAE Level I, II, III Energy Audits
    • Benchmarking
    • Building Energy Performance Assessments
    • Commissioning and Retro-Commissioning
    • HVAC System Diagnostics
    • LEED Consulting
    • Life Cycle Cost Analysis
    • Mechanical Indoor Air Quality Testing and Assessments
    • MEP Design for Retrofit and Renovation
    • MEP Diagnostics, Assessments, and Investigation
    • Remedial Design and Construction Administration
    • Whole Building Testing (Air Leakage)


  • Property Condition Assessments/Facility Condition Assessments

    As a commercial or industrial real estate investor, owner, or manager, at some point, you will need to finance, purchase, maintain or replace a facility or its systems. To make informed decisions on your real estate investment, it is prudent to secure a thorough analysis of the facility and its current and future needs.   Terracon’s team of expert facility assessment professionals identify existing deficiencies and predict future system repairs and replacements. Our experts forecast the cost of facility maintenance and future capital expenditures effectively improving your position in the marketplace and allocating your limited operating capital.

    • ADA Code Compliance
    • Asset Management Programs
    • Life Cycle Cost Analysis
    • Remedial Design and Construction Administration