Eco Vista Sanitary LandfillGeolocation: 36.1779, -94.2335

The Eco Vista Sanitary Landfill is a regional solid waste facility owned and operated by Waste Management, serving the majority of the population of Northwest Arkansas. This site is a state-of-the-art Subtitle D facility that includes all environmental media including air, solid waste, and water management. Terracon staff has provided engineering services for the Eco Vista facilities since 1992. In that capacity, Terracon has provided a wide range of solid waste related services including solid waste permitting, construction quality control, groundwater monitoring, hydrogeologic analysis, and a wide range of compliance assistance project work.

Terracon designed and successfully permitted several of the expansions of the landfill to meet the most stringent local, state, and federal regulations. Permitting assistance included location standards analysis, hydrogeologic analysis, computer modeling, design, and construction quality control. State-of-the-art engineering aspects of composite liner design, computer modeling, material selection, and value engineering are continually incorporated into the permitting/construction process.

Tontitown, AR



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Little RockGeolocation: 34.638, -92.4501
Terracon's Little Rock office opened its doors in 1993 as Genesis Environmental Consulting, Inc., with a primary focus in solid waste engineering services. After acquisition by Terracon in 2004, Little Rock has grown from 20 to 38 employees. While many of our environmental services remain the same today as they were in 1993, the office has now become more diversified with expertise in many areas. With more than 27 years of experience in Arkansas, our employees are extremely knowledgeable about environmental policies, regulations and concerns, construction materials procedures and codes, and…