Cloud County Wind FarmGeolocation: 39.4796, -97.6982

Terracon was retained by our client to perform a Threatened and Endangered Species Assessment (TESA), Cultural Resources Assessment (CRA) and Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) on a 23,000 acre contiguous tract of land in Cloud County, KS, the proposed site of a wind farm. As a result of our findings, our client was able to more confidently evaluate the business risk of pursuing the wind energy project site. Terracon also performed geotechnical engineering services for this project.

Cloud County, KS


Associated Office

Garden CityGeolocation: 37.9762, -100.8508
In 1999, the Wichita office expanded to include a full service satellite location in Garden City, with the acquisition of the Mike Hawkins Company, to provide more responsive and convenient service to our clients in Western Kansas. Garden City is a leading provider of agricultural and construction materials engineering services. Today the Garden City office employs a staff of about 10 people.