Iowa CityGeolocation: 41.6281, -91.569

Terracon's Iowa City provides geotechnical evaluation, environmental assessment, and construction materials engineering and testing services to Iowa City and the surrounding area. This office also owns and operates a barge and track-mounted drill rig that are capable of completing river borings. The Iowa City Terracon office has worked on projects including soil contamination remediation, brownfields assessment and redevelopment, and air quality testing services.

3003 Sierra Court SW
Iowa City, IA 52240

Phone: (319) 688 3007
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Greg Klein, P.E., Office Manager

Key Projects

Flood RecoveryGeolocation: 41.6611, -91.5302
The Coralville Dam has been holding back the Iowa River since 1958. The Iowa River crested in 2008 at 31.5 feet, almost ten feet above flood stage in Iowa City. Terracon's field staff worked for the University of Iowa to collect air and surface samples to assess whether the cleanup contractors had mitigated the bacterial and fungal hazards left behind by the floodwaters. Utilizing a team of more than 60 staff from 15 different offices across the country, Terracon was able to cover multiple building sites simultaneously. Phase two involved observing the cleanup contractors as they cleaned and…

Iowa River Landing and 1st Avenue, Brownfields Revitalization ProjectGeolocation: 41.691, -91.6007
The Iowa City office provided environmental services to this project which originally involved 200 acres, later expanded to 230 acres under the Brownfields program, along the 1st Avenue industrial corridor and the Iowa River. This project began in 1999 and is expected to go until 2013. Terracon was competitively selected to evaluate the Brownfields area for feasibility of redevelopment and integration into the City's primary development plan. Terracon has since continuously provided turnkey Brownfields environmental, geotechnical and construction materials services to assist the City in…