Winchester Repeating Arms Facility RemediationGeolocation: 41.3082, -72.9282

Terracon worked with John Moriarty & Associates, Inc. to develop project health and safety work practice standards that were implemented during the decontamination and renovation of the approximately 230,000-square foot building. Historically, the building was used for the manufacturing and testing of firearms. Residual dust on surfaces inside the building was determined to contain significant levels of lead. Also, soils contaminated with volatile chlorinated solvents and petroleum hydrocarbons at levels that exceeded remediation standards, were present beneath the floor of the building. Terracon evaluated the existing conditions and assessed potential contractor exposure during the performance of work related activities. Terracon also developed work practice guidelines that addressed health and safety issues, including a dynamic work-practices monitoring program. Final decontamination of the building included the removal of the dust using HEPA vacuums, dust wipes and power washing, with water collection and treatment. Terracon utilized dust monitors to track nuisance dust levels and personal air samplers to evaluate worker exposure levels to lead. The project also included the installation of a subslab venting system beneath the building to treat soils. Terracon implemented a breathing-zone air monitoring program to evaluate work exposure to volatile contaminants during installation of the system.

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HartfordGeolocation: 41.6466, -72.6358
Terracon's Hartford office was formerly JGI Eastern, Inc., a 21-year-old company with offices in Hartford, CT, Scarborough, MA, and Manchester, NH, when it was acquired by Terracon in 2007. The Hartford office offers a comprehensive range of services in the fields of environmental and geotechnical engineering, hydrogeology, and construction monitoring and testing. We currently have around 50 employees at the Hartford location.