WCI Steel Landfill Cell ConstructionGeolocation: 41.2376, -80.8184

HCN, a Terracon Company, provided daily observations and materials engineering and testing services during the construction of two of seven planned landfill cells, totaling approximately 12.6 acres in area, for the controlled disposal of steel production by-products. Construction materials engineering and testing and inspection services included both field and laboratory feasibility studies for the adequacy of clay borrow materials for liner installation. Particle size distribution, permeability and compaction testing were performed on samples to ensure finished liner quality and integrity. Observation of the installation of the sand leachate liner and HDPE geomembrane liner was also performed, as well as verification of leachate piping, filter fabric, and geonetting installation.

Associated Office

ClevelandGeolocation: 41.4012, -81.7807
Terracon's Cleveland office opened in March 1986, operating under its original company name, Applied Construction Technologies, Inc. (ACT). In 2006, ACT was acquired by H.C. Nutting Company and in 2007 became a part of Terracon. We are a full service location, providing geotechnical, environmental, and materials engineering and testing services to Northern Ohio, Michigan, Western Pennsylvania, and Western New York. Recently, more complex project experience has included wind farm development, levee certification, and large diameter micro-tunnel construction. Testing, both common and unique,…