The Tower at First National CenterGeolocation: 41.254, -95.9993

The Tower at First National Center is the dominant new focal point of the Omaha skyline. The stately, 40-story, 633-foot tall office building is one of the key elements of a nine-square block redevelopment of downtown Omaha. When the First National Bank, the Omaha World Herald, and the City of Omaha teamed to spearhead this aggressive redevelopment plan, they hired Terracon to provide a Phase I environmental site assessment of the entire nine-block area. Terracon also performed Phase II work, where contamination was found. Terracon also supervised excavation and disposal of the contaminated soil. Terracon provided full-service geotechnical exploration and demolition and construction phase geotechnical services for First National Bank's new Tower and its sister facility, the Technology Center. Terracon and its subconsultant provided materials testing, UBC special inspection, and structural steel testing for the Tower over an 18-month span. Seven Terracon employees worked all night testing concrete on a 4,300-cubic-yard mass concrete pour of the 120 by 75 by 12.5-foot shaft cap for the shear core. The cap contained 143 cubic yards of reinforcing steel, and was Omaha's largest concrete pour in history.

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OmahaGeolocation: 41.2307, -96.1534
Terracon's Omaha office opened in 1984 with two employees. Today, they have nearly 60 employees providing geotechnical, environmental, and construction materials engineering and testing services. Terracon in Omaha has been involved in projects including asbestos assessment and management, Phase I environmental site assessment, geotechnical analysis and more. Terracon is available for any environmental and geotechnical consulting job.